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Tales of Friends style Illustration by Kitsuta.

You can send in a letter to the address listed below this picture with a setting and the characters you want to see in it, and your idea might get chosen for the next issue’s “Friends” illustration! (Those who want to send in a letter can message me for the address. There is no rule about languages, so it may be worth a shot even if you can’t write in Japanese!)

i wish that i had a best friend again.

i think that i’m too old, emotionally unstable, and distrusting to really connect with people like that anymore though.

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northeasternwind replied to your post “my brother went to missouri so that he could see his girlfriend, and…”

Your dad is awful :| No, definitely continue to not talk to him!

loopy-lupe replied to your post “my brother went to missouri so that he could see his girlfriend, and…”

I don’t know how, but I wish he could be locked up for everything he’s done if I’ve read all of your posts about him correctly. He’s a scum of a human being with no chance of redemption and I only wish it were easy to lock away such dangerous people.

bro says that he’s going to report him to the district attorney, but i really honestly doubt it will go anywhere.

my dad’s living breathing proof that you can get out of just about anything by being a smooth talking white guy with connections.


Ah the majestic pigeon

my brother went to missouri so that he could see his girlfriend, and after he got on the plane my dad started sending him messages about what a little shit he was and “i’m not supporting you anymore, i’m tearing up everything that you left here while you’re gone. if you come back again i’m going to shoot and kill you”.

now my big bro is kind of an ass and i really don’t like being around him for prolonged periods of time anymore. but as far as i’m aware he’s been taking care of himself lately and all that he asked dad for recently was a ride to the airport.

i am absolutely not kidding when i say that my dad is a dangerous person. i have every reason not to have spoken to him or his side of the family in 9 years.

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Look a little young to drive, there, kiddo.

whenever i take ibuprofen anymore i feel like i’ve been punched in the stomach. the er doctors seemed to want me to keep taking it for my pain issues and just take something else to make the stomach pain stop, but that seems about as smart as taking the batteries out of your smoke alarm when your house is on fire to me.

i’m enjoying the hell out of my graces replay at least. that game is so much fun. it’s not perfect but it makes me happy and i actually enjoy grinding in it since there’s just so many darn rewards for fighting as much as possible.

i really missed it.

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I really wish the abuse had been dealt with in the Harry Potter books, but I am sort of flabbergasted by people who translate that into “Harry was too functional” because a) he has some really spectacularly obvious PTSD to me/reactions of an abused child

(like the thing where you don’t trust adults with your problems, ever, even at the age of eleven or twelve? that’s an abuse thing. The obsession with his parents when he sees them in the mirror isn’t a consequence of having dead parents by itself, it’s an abused child thing. Many abused children who WERE abused by their bio families have fantasies about their real families being loving and kind and unable to save them or how they will come and do it some day. The thing where it never even occurs to him to go to Dumbledore or Remus and say “Professor Umbridge is physically torturing me,” because he doesn’t seem to see it as something all that abnormal? Abuse thing. The paranoid obsession with Malfoy in fifth year. The way he latches onto the first people who are kind to him and clings loyally and permanently. I could go on but I’m going to stop now.)

and b) do you people really not see how “abused children can’t be functional or pass for non-abused children, but rather have to have obvious, debilitating issues that are unignorable” is both really fucking messed up and completely illogical?

If all abused children hid in closets for hours on end or had screaming flashbacks or whatever, we wouldn’t be able to convince people everything was fine. Sure, some people do, and those people often end up in therapy where their issues are blamed on everything BUT their parents. But — PTSD can look like more than one thing, and Harry looks very much like a child abuse victim to me.